The Black Cockerel or Back Rides and a Spiritual Awakening

Religion does not equal spirituality. Get over it. Barely ten years into my young, promising life, I had the first moment of spiritual awakening. It was a quiet afternoon in the countryside. All afternoons in the countryside are somewhat, quiet, with most of the sounds coming from mother nature. And so it was in the... Continue Reading →


This is You Right Now

You badly wanted to get here. But if you only knew, perhaps you’d never have chosen to come around. At least not in such an epic hurry. Your arrival was messy, soggy and blood-ridden, but no less monumental. Without any real warning, you pushed your way through, blissfully unaware of the pain you were inflicting.... Continue Reading →

The Beginning, The Swift End, and a Silver 925g chain

Do we even have official beginnings and endings to relationships anymore, or do people just drift away and end up in new ones altogether? Once upon a time, and when I still had a functioning, loving heart, I asked a girl I'd been seeing to be my girlfriend. It was a proposal of sorts and... Continue Reading →

My Friend Herbert and My Blog Revamp

I ran into my old pal Herbert yesterday, a geyser of enthusiasm and a sprightly figure who, even without bulging muscles, has the strength of a horse. We had met for a function at some fancy lounge on Kiambu road. He pumped my hand vigorously in a manly handshake that seemed to refresh all my... Continue Reading →

Are Men Hardwired to Hate Women?

I’m part of a soccer team. Not a big-time competitive team or club, just a local meet up of young men who catch up to play a few times a week. You can think of it as an adult version of the little league. So,we are planning this match against each other and we split... Continue Reading →

3 days 3 quotes

Thanks Diana Gitau for the nomination .... I'm certainly taking this up .....5 years later! Quote for Day 1: "The first step on the road to success is good character. The second is openness to new perspectives. The third is ensuring that daily action is shaped by higher aims, with the knowledge that you always... Continue Reading →

#Haiku ~ The heart or the body

 She longs for a touch, But no one knows the part, The body or the heart.  

Why I’m smoking a lot of weed lately

When I moved into my current house, I had the sweetest and friendliest neighbor. Her name was Primrose. Her name alone was sweet enough. I just had to get used to the loud rock Christian music. That lasted 4 months and finally I got round to saying hello. 6 months later, I came back from... Continue Reading →

Would you Dare?

In February 1492, a poor grey-haired man, walked into the pearly gateways of the great Alhambra, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella’s palace. Haunted from his boyhood with a dream and idea that the earth is round and that there were other unknown lands in the west that he could reach. He believed that could reach... Continue Reading →

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