Stand-out medical myths

There are many medical myths out there trying to explain some conditions or occurrences in the body. Most are either half truths or just outright ridiculous!
These ones have stood out:

Cracking of knuckles will not lead to arthritis as a popular myth explains. The sound produced is one of the gas bubbles forming when the bones are pulled apart. This will not cause arthritis even in the later stages of life, at worst one might just lose their grip somehow or weaken the fingers with constant repetition. There you have it, pull a crack once in a while – even if it is annoying.

Whenever you visit the store or the supermarket, your choice of hand wash soap is likely to be antibacterial soap, right? Let me guess, it is more expensive than regular soap, right? Well, you have been falling for a marketing gimmick and medical myth thus far. Any kind of soap will kill germs in just the same way and effectiveness. If you wash your hands properly, that is long enough using warm water; you will have killed all the germs.

Some people are able to sneeze with their eyes open! So, this marks the end of the myth that one’s eyes will pop out if he attempts to sneeze with their eyes open. Of course, most people will not be able to do this, but this dispels the myth that people’s eyes can pop out while sneezing. It is also believed that the heart stops momentarily during a sneeze. So does this mean that king-size sneeze could cause some problems? Not really.

You have heard it all; take a cold soda, raw eggs, aspirin, or even have some more alcohol, the myths for curing hangovers surely abound. Bad news for all the folks that have a tendency of having one too many, there is no real cure for a hangover. Perhaps preventive techniques like taking lots of water right after a drinking spree could help. But these will just lessen the effects rather than prevent you from getting. Here is a certain way to prevent a hangover; drop the bottle pal!

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