The first apple bite and other erroneous historical facts


History has it that the first bite of an apple was taken by a woman called Eve, the mother of all. This bite was reportedly fatal and led to condemnation of the entire human race which is now said to be born into sin. Apparently, we are reeling from the effects of this great blunder by Eve since that time. For the men, they will have to sweat it out to get any food for their families or make any meaningful accomplishment. As for the ladies, they will give birth under a lot of pain. All these plus excommunication from the Garden of Eden were the penalties.

There are no indications whatsoever that this fruit was actually an apple. Both ancient and contemporary artists have often depicted the forbidden fruit as it is commonly known, as an apple. This may be why it has generally been perceived this way. The apple is also thought to have landed on Isaac Newton’s head while he was sitting under a tree, leading him to the eventual discovery of the laws of gravity. Not true! What is it with apples?

While we are in the subject of Christian history, the pyramids we never built by the captives or slaves. Builders of these wonders of the world were actually Egyptians who were extremely loyal to Pharaoh at that time. Excavations in recent times have indicated that the workers were predominantly Egyptians who happened to be so proud of their work.

One of the most popular all-time inventors is undoubtedly Thomas Edison. He is widely believed to have invented the light bulb. He was so passionate about the light bulb that he was once quoted saying that he will make electricity and the light bulb so cheap that only the rich people will burn candles. However, Edison did not actually invent the light bulb. His contribution was indisputably the most phenomenal. He discovered the right filament that could burn for longer hours and then he acquired a patent for it.

Lastly, Henry Ford did was not the inventor of the assembly line and the engine. Captain cook did not discover Australia, Mahatma Ghandhi did not liberate India, George Washington was not the first U.S. president and Thomas Crapper was not the inventor of the flush toilet.

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