How to duck arrows – I kid you not!

Figuratively speaking, the bows and arrows business would seem to be one of the most lucrative back in the day. And why is that you might ask? The huge demand that was almost insurmountable! But here’s the catc

Gets you jittery, don’t they?
h: What if the devil is the one to give you this business! “Forget it!” You would probably say, right? But some of us have been consistent suppliers of the devil’s arrows in one way or the other. I’ll tell you this for free; the devil might surely never run out of suppliers of bows and arrows, so be on the look-out.

You are probably wondering what’s with bows and arrows and the devil. Open your bibles to Psalms 91:5 (c’mon, do it!). Here is the text; “thou shall not be afraid of the terror by night and the arrows that flies by day”. According to this text, there seems to be a constant propulsion of arrows coming our way every single day (tell me about it!). Some of them hit us and some of them we manage to duck. Good thing they are shot during the day you might think,  but alas! The fact that they are shot during the day is actually more of a disadvantage!

The Bible assures us that we shall not be struck with the arrows that fly particularly by day. But j
Hollywood has certainly done a lot to expose us to some of the new-age weapons that have been preferred over the past century – some of them ‘from the future’ or ‘yet to come’ as they would have us believe. Actually, it is the invention of gun powder that literally brought down the popularity of bows arrows. With guns and bullets, we’ve seen the Sylvester Stalones and the Chuck Norisses of this world even firing while running, or not even looking at the target. We’ve seen others like the Samuel L. Jacksons who even ‘bend’ the bullets to hit their targets. But with the bow and arrow, one has to take aim before firing – and you’ve got to hit the target or else you could never get the chance to take another shot; hence the need for precision.ust what are these arrows and what could they possibly mean? Here is a little background about arrows: A person who makes bows is called a bowyer and a person who makes arrows is called Fletcher – sounds like some people’s names, huh? One thing that is striking about arrows is their precision, which makes them deadly as a tool for combat and hunting. Since only one is fired at a time, there is a great need for precision and only one target is aimed at any one time. Unlike the newer weapons like guns and bullets that can be ‘sprayed’ on the target to increase chances of a hit, arrows are entirely target-

Back to the text in the bible (Psalms 91:5); is it any wonder that the arrows fly by day? of course not, as this is because of the much needed precision. So what are these arrows in your life? Let me warn you friends; every other day you wake up and choose to walk in the light and in righteousness, the enemy is not pleased. He is firing arrows your way from the minute you wake up till the end of the day. He sets up traps in the form of temptations, people to hurt you and disappoint you, frustration for all that you endeavor to accomplish and always wants you to see you reeling off God’s will for your life. Because he understands that every single day counts and contributes towards the journey and accomplishments that God has for you, he seeks to frustrate and you attack day by day, arrow by arrow.

As a Christian, you can no longer be naïve and assume that what you face from day to day is just a stroke of bad luck. In the Bible, the day has been used a number of times figuratively as the symbol of deliverance and blessing; see Psalms 30:5 (“weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning”). You are most productive during the day and because of the light (enlightenment) that is before you, you can accomplish all tasks that are before you. The daylight also represents an awareness of God’s will for your life and the path that He has drawn out specifically for you. It is during these times or seasons of awareness (daylight) that we face the greatest adversity and the greatest attacks. All which come with great precision to hinder us from going to the next level.

All that is required for you to grasp this message is just one look at the adversities and attacks that you have experienced in recent times. Don’t they just come with great precision to affect a particular area that you are making a lot of progress in? Much like an arrow? Just when you are ready to go out and start a meaningful relationship, then that that someone (the one who will waste your time) shows up right before meet the right person. Or maybe a business partner backs out on you at the eleventh hour, or someone says something that jeopardizes and destroys your chances. Or maybe, that person that just sets out to annoy you very early in the morning.

The arrows that fly by day are numerous and come in varied forms, You MUST however understand that it is NOT simply that you were just standing in the way of one, you ARE the bull’s eye. However dear friends, the Lord assures us of protection and covering from the arrows which [certainly] fly by day. If we stay connected and remain in constant prayer, these arrows will not harm us. Psalms 91 is actually one of the most assuring and comforting texts in the bible. When you wake up and before you set out, always commit the day to the Lord and ask Him to protect and lead you so that the arrows that fly by day will not harm you in any way.

Now which is easier; sit back and hope the arrow company of Bowyer and Fletcher shuts down pretty soon OR, simply stay connected to God through prayer and fellowship? We have victory in Jesus Christ. Amen.

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