Why the power of life and death is not in your words

Not entirely.

“Name it and claim it”, so goes one of the now ubiquitous utterances in most of the success talks, conferences, and literature. Is it a true statement you ask? You bet your life it is! But on its own, it is a live wire at best, capable of short-circuiting all the other required ingredients that make for a successful person. Take, initiative for instance; what drives it? Is it the fact that something WILL be achieved or that it CAN be achieved? I am not proud of it but I am occasionally caught quoting the infamous French atheist by the name Voltaire. “Doubt is not a good condition, but certainty is absurd,” he once said. If I have any veneration for this chap it is in traces, nevertheless these words have always struck a chord with me.

Think about it, certainty is the very essence of dullards and the repetitive patterns of this world. And what would the world be like if we did not have art, or creativity? “We would forever be repeating the same patterns and be stuck”, someone once said. Some kinds of expectations might be exhilarating in themselves, but nothing comes close to the thrill of the unfettered expectations, or a subtle kind of ambiguity. Supposing God would throw down a highly graphical and vivid catalogue of heaven, what are the odds that the earthlings would still anticipate and wait to get in? After all, didn’t St. Paul counsel that we should be confident and not assured?

Assured outcomes aren’t really that inspiring, not nearly as much and many of those utterances tend to create assurances of some kind. They seem more like instructions rather than inspiration and we know too well the tendency of instructions to zap the life out of personal initiative, not to mention motivation. I need not tell you of the fanatical copy paste fashion of our generation, in that we seek to duplicate the successes and the triumphs of others in exactness of method. However exemplary those feats are, they must be beheld as inspiration and not instructions. Is it any wonder why there is so much education, insights, ‘wisdom’, and preaching but yet so little excellence and success. It seems like a distasteful equation and something is wrong with it. Check it out: more ‘wisdom’+ more teaching + MORE preaching + more education = MORE mediocrity.

As cynical as this may sound, the results speak for themselves and the fact of the matter is that your words only kick start and oil the larger process of succeeding in any engagement. Action and success seem to have a special relationship and you should not stop at the determination and declaration stage. You have probably heard the expression that “nothing moves unless you do”. Look at it this way, there are certainly KEY ingredients to every tasty cooked meal, but for best taste, you need ALL the ingredients. ALL things are necessary and even the smallest of ingredients change everything. The caveat however is that, you cannot sit back and wait to gather all the ingredients before you can attempt anything, the cooking pot must continue cooking while the ingredients are thrown in one at a time, as and when needed. Even the proverbial apples which keep the doctor away must be taken once every day. Woe unto you if you wait to gobble 7 apples in a weekend.

And while we are on this subject, don’t kid yourself that you can project some kind of mental power on any formless substance and instantly change it to what you desire [something tangible] by only speaking to it. Only God works this way, and not even the brightest of minds can begin to fathom His methods. Do not think that you can attract success or physical items you desire merely by using some kind of mental power of attraction. This is vain and often leads to disappointments and despondency. If you truly believe in divine provision, then you must seek both the item and the path to the item. Now, if there is a tiny grin on your face right now, I recommend Wallace Wattles’ irresistibly titled classic tome, “The Science of Getting Rich”. Read it.

Perhaps you have pondered about the accounts of men and women who have simply received and have had to do ‘nothing’ to receive their success; so have I. The currencies they paid up may be invisible to the naked eye or the casual observer [like yourself] but I promise you, they ARE there. I always like to view action as the manifestation of belief and mental framework, rather than mere utterances in the conscious. Napoleon Hill attempted to explain why people give up on prayer and why it does not work for them in his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. He averred that prayer is muttered through the conscience but must not remain at that level if it is going to work. What you pray for anything, must be part of your subconscious in such a way that its attainment is pulling you towards it. In a nutshell, it must impel you to seek its attainment.

Dear all, I encourage you to enlarge your understanding of success and the laws of attainment to include EVERY vital ingredient. If you must give yourself to education and learning of the ways of success, please go through the WHOLE syllabus so that you may be complete and not lacking in anything. Words muttered in the conscious are critical, but not enough. Consider the words of Wallace D. Wattles [in 1910!],

the things you desire will surely come to you, but will be in the hands of other men and they will require their price”. 

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