Please collect your unclaimed deposits

3 months ago, the Daily Nation reported the results of a survey on the total value of the unclaimed assets in the country. A staggering Ksh 200, 000, 000, 000!! By any standards, that is a lot of bread to be left idling around. The experts conclude that these amounts may NEVER be claimed. They are lying around in commercial banks, insurance companies, listed companies, and in the national social security fund in the form of hard cash and assets. The relevant authorities have since proposed the formation of some kind of body to ‘manage’ this bread. That’s yet to happen though.

These assets or monies have, according to the report, have never been claimed for years. While the reasons abound, the most common ones are death and inability to trace the rightful owners or the next of kin.

Now, this is not so strange if you will think deeply about it. The world is busting with spiritual and mental deposits that have been unclaimed, and sometimes, for years. We have sat back and accumulated this wealth through noble thoughts, intentions, ideas and latent potential, some of which are hidden in plans and ‘initiatives’ that are never acted upon. I need not repeat the [true & accurate] cliché or popular lecture about the ‘amount of potential that lies within us’. Everyone is born with a capacity for nobility, a purpose and usefulness to this world. If not, you would have been born elsewhere. You had to come. It is about time you go and claim these deposits within you. Release them for Pete’s sake!

If you continue to accumulate your deposits, you will put on a lot of ‘weight’ which as you may have already noticed, is unfavorable to the journey of life. A light spirit is what makes for an enjoyable journey and can only be achieved through fulfillment. Consider Kreeft’s analogy on the matter:

“The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea; these two water bodies receive water from the same source [the River Jordan] and perhaps in equal measure. But the Sea of Galilee has outlets and therefore it is always fresh. The Dead Sea lives up to its name in that, it has no outlets and is therefore stagnant. It stinks. And the world has sensitive nostrils”.

Many issues distress us as human beings and everyone has their fair share, but nothing induces apathy quicker, and in extreme degrees in a man than the unutilized capacity within him. The unfulfilled soul will always begs for justice, and with loud cries. You will either have to heed to them or find a way to live with them. I assure you, you can’t quite live with those loud cries, a peaceful coexistence with an unfulfilled soul is nearly impossible! What inevitably follows is ‘death’. You may already be familiar with the term ‘dead man walking’.

Don’t put off actions that will help you realize your most cherished desires. Certainly do not direct them into the ‘someday aisle’ as one writer put it or throw them into the oblivious constellation of ‘plans’ or ‘strategies’. Get to doing things! It is not the time for initiatives and coy trajectories; it is the time for full scale assaults on opportunities and ideas, however small they may be. Don’t wait too long, you may face ‘death’ or worse still, your deposits will get dumped into some kind of trust. They will be gone, and may be untraceable.

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  1. Our underutilized potential waiting to be unleashed and we are as a result bloated with so much potential and if only we release what we have, then we can gain much more…a mind joggling article John.


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