A dabble in Scrabble; why life is not so bad after all

I am a junkie for word games and Scrabble is one of my favorite ones. About 8 weeks ago, a colleague challenged me to a round of Scrabble on her I-pad. For the love of the game, I gladly accepted. That is an understatement; I was looking forward to it with an unimaginable exhilaration! Considering a couple of emails we had exchanged a few weeks earlier, I rubbed my palms in glee … I was going to run her over! ImageI imagined the final hour of victory. I would be standing stall, peremptorily wielding my vocab-sword [no relation to the sword of the Lord] and with one foot on her neck. Everyone else who had so much of a thought about challenging me would be scampering for safety. Well, I must confess that I was having it a bit rough at the time, so a shot of confidence from any source [at the time] was more than welcome; and what better way than a resounding victory on a game of scrabble – or so I thought. The short and long of the story, and also to get to the point, I lost the game. Badly! After about 10 moves, there was already a 54-point gap between our scores. The gulf in class was clearly evident, and it was huge. Her phone rang and someoImagene [my hero] on the other end the line decided to discuss something ‘important’. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I escaped from the quicksand of an embarrassment where I had already sunk to my waist. Nevertheless, I learnt an important lesson. In life, we are always in between two places; a worse off place and a better place. In truth, there have been a few victims of my vainglorious Scrabble prowess. I have run some people over, some of them a few times over, but I came to understand that we all are on different levels. Somehow, I always knew that there are better Scrabble players out there, but accepting it and internalizing it was quite difficult – and what a way to finally be at peace with it. You might say that I was just a bit unenlightened, cocky, and naïve, but you will agree that, acknowledging whatever station of life we are in is not as easy as we would imagine it to be. When you acknowledge and become more aware of where you are, as undesirable as it may be, you become free from its clutches. Rather than resignation, an air of soberness pervades your mind and you are able to make better decisions and take positive action. Anthony Robbins once said, “No more effort is required to aim higher in life than to accept an existence of misery and lack”. This year, take stock of your progress while acknowledging your current level, it is a key prerequisite for the progressive thinking that we all need. The think big thoughts can only be possible if you have a clear understanding of your current position, state, or level. Remember, for you to jump a higher position, you have to be stepping on something. By @nasaye Facebook.com/nasaye

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  1. Nice read. The fact that there is always a better place is reason enough for us to keep striving while,at the same time, being grateful for what we have achieved;for the progress we’ve made thus far.


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