Do you want great change in your own life? Make a [darn] decision!

It has been rightfully said that there are two important emotions that lead to great change; fear and disgust. EnoManagingTheMist-red-white-mistugh has been said about fear. Allow me to highlight the second emotion; disgust. You have probably surprised yourself with your incredible capacity for decisive action when you are…pissed off. More than you would care to admit, you may have made your best decisions in life when you were at your highest possible point of ire – or in more common terminology; disgust! I know I have.

Let’s face it, more often than not we are most decisive when increasingly harried or driven up the wall with an issue. Putting aside the whole shebang of motivational mumbo jumbo; whenever the dark clouds of distaste, disgust, and utter annoyance with a situation begin to gather around your life, the moment of change and decisive action lurks; seize it at once!

Disgust is a little different from the red-hot anger from which we are counseled to keep away. It is indeed true that one is not supposed to make crucial decisions when angered and, of course, when excited as well. Anger management is now a major concern, so, please seek professional help if you need to get a handle on yourself during those moments. Disgust, on the other hand, is a tad bit different from the red-hot anger that is destructive. It is a sustained build-up of extreme distaste or displeasure with an issue, compelling you to DEAL WITH IT!

We are quick to seek all kinds of remedies for these vexations or disgust while allangry_baby we need to do is let the
‘volcano’ burst up and the landscape reshape itself. One of the ways we do this is by distraction; trying to refocus our energies and resources on something else. Examples include holidays, buying new gadgets and cars or anything else that will take our minds off of that situation. We are also experts at covering the situation, putting veils over the issues that most require our attention and decisive action. As the pressure builds up, we frantically search for “stronger covers” and try to seal off the pressure rather than allow it to get to its highest mark; the mark of decisive action!

While it is important to seek wise counsel or advice on how to deal with certain situations, for the most part we already what needs to be done, we just need to get ourselves to DO IT! The space between your highest point of ire and the decisive action is usually very tiny, sometimes as tiny as a few seconds. Interestingly, many such decisions are amazingly on point and more often prove pivotal in our lives. Sometimes, you don’t need to have all the pieces together, and the sky need not be clear for you to make a decision. In 2005, Malcolm Gladwell went all out to explore this very fact and subsequently wrote a brilliant book – Blink; the Power of Thinking without Thinking.

Now, others may call them snap decisions, uncalculated guesses, irrational decisions, or emotional decisions but in essence you have taken decisive action and left the great mass of the indecisive folk¾the valley of indecision as it is often referred to. Do not be cowed by the naysayers, in fact, as they continue to wait for the ‘perfect moment’ to make a decision, put up inspirational entertainment for them by taking your bold move of decisive action!

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