Why it is perfectly OKAY to work ONLY for money

The popular advice that one should NOT work for money is now common currency. I find it agreeable in a general sense, and with some truth to it; a half-truth though. Truth is, you will be more satisfied and “happier” if you are engaged in purposeful work or employment, for which you are fitted.
Luckily, there is a secret voice that calls each of us towards these pursuits or areas of interest. This voice manifests itself in terms of extreme insouciance and pleasure every time you perform a task in that area and on the other hand, dissatisfaction or indifference to any other task. Unfortunately, no one else can hear this voice apart from you. Even more disconcerting is the fact that we are trained to quiet down this voice [“Shut up! Can’t you see I’m on a career path?!”]. This voice is drummed out of us by culture, environment or upbringing. But I digress.
Your purpose, the reason for your existence; doing that kind of work is very rewarding, irrespective of the amounts of money you are paid. It is the kind of work that you would do for absolutely no apparent benefit to yourself [at least materially]. This post probably makes sense to you if you have, in the words of Victor Frankl, already “detected” your purpose rather than invented it, but may not exactly be living it out at the momentfor whatever reason.purpose-button-icetray-123RF-Stock-Photo
The road to finding and living out one’s purpose is quite the meandering one. Therefore, there are several good reasons that justify working for money; the most obvious one is the simple reason that you NEED to stay afloat. Fortunately, God has endowed most of us with capital, gifts that we can always turn in for money to keep us going. The most commonly occurring ones are the hours and minutes and the mental and physical capabilities. The exchange of these gifts for money is in fact one of the world’s simplest way to make money; commonly referred to as WORK. Note that when you are living out your purpose, you are NOT working, you are SERVING. Some years back, I would often look at my monthly earnings and say [to myself], “wow…I have sold 180 hours this month for this amount of money! I wonder if there is a higher bidder.”
There are essentially two crucial parts to purposeful work; discovering your purpose and living it out. In between these two elements lies a gap [or gulf depending on your situation] that is often a broth of pain, confusion, frustration, massive effort, and painstaking labor, all covered in years. So, do not be discouraged by what you read or hear from the people living out their purpose, and especially those that begin their sentences with “I always knew…” Next time you visit your friend who has just had a new born baby, look keenly at that beautiful lump of clay and tell me whether you will find any clues to their purposeful work.
Now, we all know that finding this purposeful work is no straight line affair and many times, is ostensibly a hit-or-miss affair, a crapshoot even. In fact, those who have found it actually make a mystery out of it when asked to explain; many times alluding to some kind of clairvoyance or esotericism as to how they ended up where they are. Remember, your purpose is not your career, even if it plays out in some kind of organized formal employ, it is NOT a “job” and there is essentially NO value that can be attached to that kind of work. That is probably why such folks are usually the most unappreciated financially, but then again, they really don’t care too much about it either. I digress again.
Don’t kid yourself, before you get to the point where you are doing something purposeful, you need the money. Go out there and sell your hours, minutes, energies, mental capabilities, and get some money to get you going. Just don’t get distracted or veer off from your purpose, however distant it may seem. Make every single day count as a step toward it, always keeping a laser-focus on where you are headed.

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