My Friend Herbert and My Blog Revamp

I ran into my old pal Herbert yesterday, a geyser of enthusiasm and a sprightly figure who, even without bulging muscles, has the strength of a horse. We had met for a function at some fancy lounge on Kiambu road. He pumped my hand vigorously in a manly handshake that seemed to refresh all my vital organs. We very nearly held hands as we walked into lounge and plonked ourselves on the butter-soft leather seats like young boys.

I have always been incredibly fond of Herbert for the simple reason that we could easily plunge into random intellectual topics that of course don’t sound so intellectual coming from us. One of us would throw a thought or question, which we would then analyse and take apart for fun. The thought would of course mutate into smaller, unrecognizable components within minutes. And then it would be a frantic rush to find a way out of the maze of conversation.

Herbert believes that the housefly and the cockroach are two of the most useless insects! The only theory he has developed, as far as their usefulness is concerned, is that they are designed to annoy human beings, perhaps helping them develop some kind of tolerance in the process.

We didn’t have much time to talk and I had to leave the function in a huff to take a Skype call. Herbert promised to buy me a mega sandwich he’d seen earlier in the week at a News cafe in Westlands. What a goody goody chap he is!

In other news, I have purposed/vowed/sworn/decreed  to put up a random article here each week.

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