How Not To Give Thanks

I CAME ACROSS a Tweet a few days ago that caused one of those legendary pauses where you suddenly find yourself between outrage and wistful contemplation.

I was to stop whatever I was doing, the Tweet instructed, and give thanks to God because I had not died as a result of Covid-19.

To paraphrase: unlike other hundreds of thousands of people who’d succumbed to Covid-19, I were not one of them.

Despite the distinct empirical accuracy of his observation, I couldn’t help but imagine how insensitive and wildly preposterous such a remark might be. Gratitude for health and wellness is one thing, but using other people’s misfortunes to ‘strengthen’ your faith is just downright ridiculous.

It’s hard to imagine God sitting on His throne with His list of favorite people for whom he’s dispatched a legion of angels working overtime to ensure they don’t contract Covid-19. The rest of you people can just go burn.

Sometimes God does get a bad rap from his most ardent of followers. He probably sits back half the time going, “no no no! Don’t do it! Don’t post that tweet!” and bam! We go on right ahead to throw egg on His face and post something ridiculous about Him on our timelines.

We should all learn to have some sensitivity and learn to live with each other. Some of my close friends don’t share my religion. One or two of them even believe my religion to be an obsession with a bronze-age tribe who had an unhealthy passion for collecting the foreskins of Philistines.

Just give thanks, without using other people’s mishaps. There’s probably one headed your way in the coming days.

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