Do you want great change in your own life? Make a [darn] decision!

It has been rightfully said that there are two important emotions that lead to great change; fear and disgust. Enough has been said about fear. Allow me to highlight the second emotion; disgust. You have probably surprised yourself with your incredible capacity for decisive action when you are…pissed off. More than you would care to... Continue Reading →


A dabble in Scrabble; why life is not so bad after all

I am a junkie for word games and Scrabble is one of my favorite ones. About 8 weeks ago, a colleague challenged me to a round of Scrabble on her I-pad. For the love of the game, I gladly accepted. That is an understatement; I was looking forward to it with an unimaginable exhilaration! Considering... Continue Reading →

Crime; let’s cut the supply

If you have been a victim of crime, you have probably wished criminals would get a first-class ticket on a speed train to hell – and you may even offer to pay for the [darn] ticket. It is so frustrating. A hoodlum recently grabbed my smart phone and made a dash for it; into the... Continue Reading →

Lie Spotting; an elusive skill?

2 years ago, one of my clients tried to play me for a sucker. In truth, I have been a sucker before, but had this one played out, I was going to be an uber-sucker! I would have lost quite a chunk of dough. Let me just say that I was lucky. The most infuriating... Continue Reading →

Please collect your unclaimed deposits

3 months ago, the Daily Nation reported the results of a survey on the total value of the unclaimed assets in the country. A staggering Ksh 200, 000, 000, 000!! By any standards, that is a lot of bread to be left idling around. The experts conclude that these amounts may NEVER be claimed. They are... Continue Reading →

Still waiting for your big break?

Whichever way you define luck, every successful person has dabs of the ‘lucky paint’ on them. We marvel at people who always seem to get it right or always seem to ‘land on their feet’ as one writer put it. Conversely, we often disesteem the role of sheer luck in our success as Sunny Bindra... Continue Reading →

INFIDELITY – Why Everyone is Guilty

The subject of infidelity is a hot one. It is an issue that touches the society in more ways than one and we are all affected in one way or the other. It is the subject of movies, jokes, and both radio and TV programs. But as a thorny moral issue, it is bigger than... Continue Reading →

Why the power of life and death is not in your words

Not entirely. “Name it and claim it”, so goes one of the now ubiquitous utterances in most of the success talks, conferences, and literature. Is it a true statement you ask? You bet your life it is! But on its own, it is a live wire at best, capable of short-circuiting all the other required... Continue Reading →


ALL UNDER WORK'S ROOF He could tell that he was going about this work business the wrong way. He knew he was stuck in a rut and couldn’t find the exit door, as long as there was one more thing to do. He had noticed certain habits that were becoming hard set for him in... Continue Reading →

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